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About Roy Guthrie


Founder Roy Guthrie and Marcey Mushore at Chapungu Sculpture Park Harare

Roy Guthrie pioneered the promotion of Zimbabwe Stone Sculpture (Shona Sculpture) and has built up the most important permanent collection of this work in existence through Chapungu.  From its humble beginnings as a small gallery in the capital city , Harare, to the 20 acre sculpture park in the outskirts of Harare, and now to its North American location, Chapungu has remained steadfast to its mission.

Our Mission


  • To promote the Stone Sculptors of Zimbabwe, through world wide exhibitions, documentation, workshops, preservation and sales.


  • To make viewers aware of the expressive power and artistic validity of these contemporary African artists.


  • To bring, through the sculptures, an awareness of the depth and wisdom of the traditional African cultures.

“ This is the birth of a great national art, capable of speaking about the whole creation, from personal and family feeling to the world of spirit, soul and self. It is a thrilling adventure of contemporary art". Art's Review, London, 1990 (Yorkshire Sculpture Park, Wakefield, United Kingdom)    

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