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Permanent Collection


Being heavily involved in overseas exhibitions since 1980, we were aware that
important works were being created by the major artists and that some of these
should not be sold but put aside as a permanent collection for the benefit of
future generations and to commemorate these very productive and artistically
inspiring years.


The main works collected of which Chapungu holds the largest collection
includes works from prominent artists such as
Nicholas Mukomberanwa
Henry Munyaradzi
Sylvester Mubayi
Joseph Ndandarika
Boira Mteki
Bernard Matemera
John Takawira


And also numerous artists from the early years of the Tengenenge Community.
From our international exhibits held in prominent museums and botanic gardens
overseas art critics and visitors began to write reviews such as
It is extraordinary to think that of the top ten stone sculptors in the world,
perhaps five come from Zimbabwe”


"The Spirit in the Stones and the messages they bring reach out and touch us. As an African American, it is rewarding me with the greatness of my people”
Visitors Book Chapungu Exhibition at Boyce Thompson Arboretum Arizona 2002


"It is this urge to manifest the connection between the physical world and the
world of cause and spirit which takes Shona Sculpture into that major league of
art and sculpture and humanity’s profoundest expression"

The Sunday Telegraph, London 1983 Chapungu’s One Man Exhibition of Nicholas
Mukomberanwa at Commonwealth Institute London UK.


The above writings lift my spirit and make me feel a little proud of Chapungu’s long history of promoting the Stone Sculptors of Zimbabwe”
Roy Guthrie, Founder Chapungu Sculpture Park

Many visitors can view The Chapungu Permanent Collection at Chapungu
Sculpture Park Harare, Zimbabwe , the Chapungu Sculpture Park in Loveland
Colorado visit and at Galerie Im
Schlossgarten visit

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