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Our Art Residency Program


In the near future  Chapungu will resume the Chapungu Residency Programme where selected artists are given a twelve month residency status that offers them greater professional security ,easier access to a good variety of stone and tools as well as professional exposure in the park’s galleries and in international exhibitions. At the end of each programme an Annual Exhibition will be held at Chapungu showcasing the artists’ works. Please contact for further information. 


However since 2014 Chapungu has allowed a group of artists to work from the premises and create works for sale.  The artists include 

Leo Berekai

Nhamo Chamutsa

Joram Chiyangwa

Jairos Clements

Cosmos  Kamhiriri

Benjamin Katiyo

Innocent Mahachi

Cephas Mukundi

Lloyd Mwarowa

Taylor Nkomo

Brian Nyanhongo

Luke Saidi

Vengai Saidi

Gift Tembo

Artist gallery

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