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Gift Tembo

Gift Tembo.jpg

Artist gallery

Born: 1983
Place: Tafara, Harare, Zimbabwe

Gift Tembo’s Uncle was a well known sculptor called Costa Balakasi who called him to Tafara at the age of 12 to help polish his sculptures. Torsos and figures of women and sisters were his speciality.  Gift’s uncle Jairos Clemnet encouraged Gift to work with Fungai Mwarowa whilst Fungai was at Chapungu. Fungai then taught him to work with harder serpentines. 


From this influence Gift has grown into an accomplished artist and his works centre on women and their roles in society. He has several prominent works in the Chapungu Gardens. His” Bride “ located just outside the main gallery, expresses the humility of the bride yet showing her own self confidence of being a bride.  The movement of her body captures the moments of the wedding and all the emotions involved in that event.

His works have been exhibited in the United Kingdom, Switzerland , Germany and  the USA.

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