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Joram Chiyangwa

Joram Chiyangwa.jpg

Artist gallery

Born: 1983
Place: Chivu , Zimbabwe

After Joram’s O Levels at Chapwanya School in Chivu, Joram came to Harare in 2002 to look for work. He got a job as a general hand in a small plumbing company but left after a few months to join Arthur Fata at Chapungu Sculpture Park as his assistant.


He learnt various sculpting techniques from Arthur andnow creates works that are identifiable. A keen physical exercise enthusiast, Joram has created popular works called “Stretching” showing elongated limbs and torsos. Joram continues to be inspired by Arthur Fata seeking to emulate Artur’s creativity and his approach to the stone. Joram’s sculptures have been exhibited in the United Kingdom, Switzerland,
Germany and the USA.

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