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Brian Nyanhongo

Brian Nyanhongo
Born: 1968
Place: Nyanga, Zimbabwe

Brian was born into a well-known sculpting family. He is one of nineteen children of whom nine, seven boys and two girls, are also sculptors.

 At an early age, he was introduced to sculpture by his famous father, Claud Nyanhongo, and was able to watch the progress of his sister, Agnes, and brother, Gedion. He is a trained  school teacher and started his career in this field. Sculpting, however, remained his first love and, after much soul-searching, he decided to make it his life work and left teaching in 1996. 

He mainly uses hard stone: Springstone, Opal Stone, Leopard Rock, Verdite, Lepidolite and all the colourful Serpentines. 


In his early sculpting days he was also mentored by Roy Guthrie, the Founder and Director Chapungu Sculpture Park and has been involved and assisted in curating most of the Chapungu Sculpture Park international exhibitions since 2007.  The exhibits have been in the great Botanical Gardens throughout the world. In United Kingdom Kew Gardens, London; in Germany;Palmengarten , Frankfurt; Berlin Botanical Gardens, Berlin and in The United States: Denver Botanic Gardens, Chicago Botanic Gardens and  Misssouri Botanical Gardens. 


Brian has exhibited in most of the Chapungu Sculpture Park Botanic Garden exhibitions held in Europe and the USA.

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