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Lloyd Mwarowa

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Lloyd Mwarowa
Born: 1979
Place: Chimanimani, Zimbabwe

After completing his education in 1998, Lloyd went to Harare to join his brother Fungai  Mwarowa who was based at Chapungu Sculpture Park. Here he was introduced to stone carving and assisted his brother Fungai in finishing sculptures, gaining experience and confidence until he himself became an independent artist. His brother Fungai had worked with Joram Mariga, the First artist to bring sculpture to Frank McEwan at the National Gallery.


Lloyd continues to work at Chapungu Sculpture Park.

Lloyd endeavors to create unique pieces, representing his own imagination. He prefers to work in the more colorful stones such as Lepidolite, Opal stone, and Leopard Stone.  “Young, strong and sure of his technical ability and vision- what an incredible future awaits him” Roy Guthrie 2019


He has exhibited in the Netherlands, Germany, USA and South Africa.

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