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Cephas Makundi

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Cephas Makundi
Born: 1971
Place: Chipinge, Zimbabwe

Cephas started out as a carpenter at Chapungu Sculpture Park in 1994. He was previously based in Banket where he carved chairs and tables . In 2000, he was invited by Mr Guthrie to sculpt at Chapungu. There, he was inspired by Taylor Nkomo, Dominic Benhura and Amos Supuni. 


He is known for the his rabbit or wild hare themed sculptures which are captured, standing still, ears alert, eyes roaming to observe danger but also somehow in motion. Those wild hare convey a sense of authority, of complete environmental adaptation and a “ Catch me if you can” sense of superiority. Cephas says” In this world there are many animals not being taken care of let us remember it when we put out fire in the forests. Let us remember the animals. I sculpt these animals for us to remember them” Cephas continues to be inspired by a leading sculptor Dominic Benhura and an important Second Generation sculptor, Joe Mutasa.


He has exhibited in London, United Kingdom.

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