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Leo Berekai

Leo Berekai.jpg

Artist gallery

Born: 1976
Place: Chitungwiza ,Harare ,Zimbabwe


Leo comes from a family of sculptors. Leo's mother, the late Rachel Ndandarika, married in 1989 the famous First Generation Stone Sculptor Joseph Ndandarika. She continued his work after his death in 1997 and invited Leo to be her apprentice.  Leo joined his mother in sculpting at the age of thirteen. Later he was invited to work as an artist at Chapungu Sculpture Park in 2000 on his own merit and he continues to sculpt there.

Leo ‘s sculptures illustrate everyday life in Zimbabwe such as women nurturing their young offspring or going about their chores such as fetching firewood or selecting seeds, drummers drumming, people sitting together discussing, or hunters resting after the hunt. Leo’s sculpture brings a dignity to these daily tasks, which is still felt in his work.

He has exhibited in Germany, The Netherlands, South America and in the USA..

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