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Life in stone.

We are elated to announce that the "Life In Stone" opening exhibition at Chapungu Sculpture Park was a huge success! The exhibition showcased a never-before-seen collection of authentic sculptures by the great Masters (from the 1970s) up to contemporary works and celebrated Roy Guthrie - Founder and Patron of Chapungu. 

Visitors from all over came to experience the exhibit, which curated a beautiful combination of artistic prowess and cultural heritage. The sculptures, featuring intricate carvings, innovative designs, and profound spiritual expressions, captured the essence of the artists' genius over the decades and evoked deep emotions from those who experienced them.

The exhibition is a fitting tribute to Roy Guthrie, who has dedicated his life to promoting Zimbabwean stone sculpture. His legacy and tireless commitment to Chapungu Sculpture Park inspired the exhibit.

The overwhelming response from visitors and the art community has been inspiring, and we could not be more delighted with the turnout. We are grateful to our visitors, patrons, and artists who came together to make "Life In Stone" such a resounding success.

Thank you to all who supported us, and we look forward to bringing you more exhibitions and events that celebrate the beauty of art, inspire creativity, and foster cultural exchange.

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