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Since 1970, Chapungu has been foremost in the promotion of  Zimbabwean Stone Sculpture and establishing the reputations and careers of many artists and brought much critical acclaim to the art form.

Meet Roy


Roy Guthrie pioneered the promotion of Zimbabwe Stone Sculpture (Shona Sculpture) and has built up the most important permanent collection of this work in existence through Chapungu.  From its humble beginnings as a small gallery in the capital city , Harare, to the 20 acre sculpture park in the outskirts of Harare, and now to its North American location, Chapungu has remained steadfast to its mission.

The Chapungu Collection 


Being heavily involved in overseas exhibitions since 1980, we were aware that important works were being created by the major artists and that some of these should not be sold but put aside as a permanent collection for the benefit of future generations and to commemorate these very productive and artistically inspiring years...

Founder Roy Guthrie & Marcey Mushore 

at Chapungu Gallery, Harare, Zimbabwe.

Up coming events


Chapungu has one of the largest Zimbabwean Stone Sculpture collection in the world.


We host local and international exhibitions where individuals can get to enjoy unique art pieces, learn from the artists and get to buy some of the pieces.  

Press & Articles


Chapungu has received significant media attention in recent months. Several press articles and TV shows have featured our innovative products and services, highlighting our achievements and vision, recognition of our hard work and dedication, as well as a valuable opportunity to reach new customers and partners. 

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